Swift: How to check if your app is running on a Device or a Simulator ?

Sometimes you need to check if the app is running on a device or a simulator. Why? If you’re using GoogleMobileAds lib you may need to verify is you’re on simulator to show the testing ads provided by Google.

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Happily there’s a way to do it. I personally prefer creating a struct, since I don’t need a class for it.

So let’s get started:

struct Platform {

    static let isSimulator: Bool = {

        var isSim = false

        #if arch(i386) || arch(x86_64)

          isSim = true


        return isSim




What does the code do ? It basically checks if the architecture is i386 or x86_64 which means a computer.(Simulator)

The arch(i386) build configuration returns true when code is compiled for the 32–bit iOS simulator.

Then you can use it on your code:


    //your code goes here



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