Why did I choose Ruby as my first programming language ?


Back in the time when I was starting learning how to program, I remember a bunch of guys talking about Java and many other cool stuff and I was really excited about it, but there was also a guy, a shy one, which said me he was learning a different programming language, the one you won’t get scared at first glance, the one with an easy syntax and also a a cool framework called Rails. The programming language he was talking about was Ruby.

At first I thought “Man, this guy is insane, Java is the future, this programming language is not even popular”, but I was wrong, I live in Brazil and that time (January 2010) Ruby wasn’t a known programming language here, but after some research I realized it was popular in other countries like the USA, then I’ve decided to take a look at it.

The First Book

I remember the first book I got for learning Ruby, it was Programming Ruby by The Pragmatic Programmer’s Guide  , at first I was amazed by the way the book was organized, they used a non convencional way of teaching a new programming language, which sounded pretty amazing.

After I finished that book I decided to read “The Agile Development with Rails ” also from The Pragmatic Programmer’s Guide, and once again, another cool way of teaching a framework, it was like, reading some basic stuff and then jump into a real application.

The First Job

After studying lots of things about Ruby/Rails I realized I needed a job, but then I thought: How to get a job in a country where Ruby is not even known ? Lucky, I met a guy that was working for a company which I don’t remember the name right now, but he was using Rails and that fitted perfectly for me, so I asked him for an opportunity to work with him, and surprisingly he said yes.

We started working from his garage (I know this sounds like a cliche, but it was like that), the first projected I did was a simple web site with a couple of pages like: Contact, Bio, Fotos. I was really excited when I finished it, you know, the feeling you have when you get something done.

After a couple of months working with him, I realized I learnt how to program faster as I’d be if I’d studied Java. I’m not saying here Java is a bad language, but in that time I was a beginner and making a lot of things with less code and a more descriptive programming language sounded like a dream to me.



I’m still using Ruby on Rails on some projects, but not as much as before, but why ? Because now I’m working as a mobile developer and there are many things a I need to deal when making apps, one of them is: Scalability. Ruby is not scalable which is pretty bad for today’s applications. You may wondering, but there are a lot of solutions for that with Rails, I know, the fact is: I need something made for it, this is how I met Elixir , but this is a subject for another Post (which I promise I will do it soon).



If you’re new to the programming world, you should learn Ruby. Why ? Because it is still popular, and you can understand how the programming world works faster. There are still a lot of jobs for Ruby developers, of course, with a lot of skills needed, but still worth it.


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See you next time!


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